Bosch MSM14100 Hand Blender

Brand: BOSCH
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  • Ingredients are perfectly mixed and properly pureed in very short time - with the powerful 400 W motor.
  • Includes a measuring jug - simply measure off the required quantity of ingredients and mix directly in the mixing jug.
  • With its ergonomic handle, the CleverMixx fits perfectly in your hand, and its low weight also makes it simple and comfortable.
  • Effortless pureeing and mixing, without annoying splashes - the newly designed mixer foot.
  • The mixer foot and accessories are dishwasher-safe and so can be cleaned easily and conveniently.

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Technical Specifications

Excellent Results

  • 400 watts motor - low noise, lightweight and fast operating
  • Innovative, sharpened four-winged QuattroBlade - makes it easy to puree, blend and chop for perfect operation results


  • Pureeing, mixing and blending: with its ergonomic handle your lightweight CleverMixx lies perfectly in your hand and makes operation easy and simple.
  • Non-splash operation thanks to the new innovative mixing wand design.


  • All plastics that are in contact with food are BPA free
  • Safety lockage thanks to bayonett catch of blending wand


  • Detachable heat-resistant plastic blender foot
  • Transparent calibrated mixing-/ measuring beaker

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Product Name: Bosch MSM14100 Hand Blender


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